Top 10 Best Tinder Spy Apps – 2021

Tinder is a well-renowned dating app that teens predominantly use all across the world. People use this application to find the right partner for themselves. Instead of making new friends physically, this app allows you to be in a relationship with a person at a distant location. A large number of audiences prefer to use the tool searching for the right match because it’s free. For setting up an account, all you need to do is enter personal information, just like you do for any social media application.

The tool uses geographical data to connect the users. Based on the location, it recommends the right match. Besides this, an interactive chat feature is also available, allowing users to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

There are certain drawbacks in its usage which are strictly related to data privacy. Being a widely popular app, it is often misused. The hackers remain on their toes all the time to identify any loophole. When they find any security vulnerability in the Tinder app’s system, then they exploit it. Therefore, you can use some of the best tinder spy apps to keep an eye on your loved one’s actions and prevent their data from being stolen. These different kinds of spy apps have their own features.

In this detailed article, we have mentioned the 10 best spy apps to monitor tinder and access other person’s data and information on the app. It’s essential to know their core features before you start using them for espionage.

How to spy on tinder messages effectively

Now you can monitor the messages, and multimedia content exchanged on Tinder through some practical spying tools. By using them, you have many unique features at your disposal that you can use to track the suspects and their activities.

Which are the most famous spy apps for Tinder 



XNSPY is a renowned name in the world of spyware applications. Using it lets you monitor the chats between the application users and know what they are talking about. After recording all the information, it will transfer the confidential data to your account.

Its main goal is to provide you far-flung control of the victim’s device, digging out data from it such as important calls, text messages, emails, and chats on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other popular platforms. It even offers you the chance to monitor and observe the target’s GPS location and all the actions on social media. The only condition is that they need to have an account on Tinder or Instagram.

The surveillance tool can also be used to record the live setting of a person and monitors particular activities once the user defines the key phrases such as names, numbers, and locations. Because of these features, it’s one of the most well-renowned spying apps available.

The information gathered via this Android spy software is easy to access from any internet-equipped device. Everything is uploaded to your private XNSPY account for you to assess in your own time. All of this is performed stealthily so that the target doesn’t know about it. Remember, you need a one-time entry to the device you wish to spy on to install the espionage app. Once the app is installed, the tracking of the other person’s activities becomes more effortless.

Top Features

  • Advanced features such as Geofencing are available for tracking the location of a target
  • With Remote Installation Support, you don’t have to set your device to configure the spy app; it takes care of everything. This standout feature is missing in some of the best spy apps for Android.
  • Technical support is available anytime, and the staff is eager to help you every step of the way. Extensive support for Android devices allows you to monitor older and newer devices.

One of the negative points is that it’s not compatible with personal computers, Windows, and Blackberry devices. The tool has no free version available.



EvaSpy is undoubtedly the best Android application in 2021 for tracking the communication in Tinder and monitoring acts of the victim. This application is planned for parental control of youngsters’ cell phones and records their actions on popular social media apps. EvaSpy can go the extra mile to track the target’s GPS location, calls, SMS, used applications, and sites visited.

Also, the application records keystrokes and can even record the live setting with the camera, telling you what the individual being followed is doing. Dissimilar to other applications on Tinder, EvaSpy tracks the gadget without rooting.

It’s straightforward to set up and doesn’t need any specialized training to start spying on the target. Above all, the spyware permits remote observing through your web account, which means you don’t have to hold the target’s gadget in hand after installing the spyware application. 

Top Features

  • No root is needed for spying on Tinder
  • Tracking data from all popular social media applications, including Tinder
  • Advanced features that allow you to monitor and manage data
  • Spying on the images, videos, and voice notes stored on the device
  • Live spying and monitoring of the target’s surroundings.

The pricing for this tool starts at $23.95, and there’s no free version.


Spyzie is one of the top-rated tinder tracking app for android operating system. It allows you to recover extensive information from the victim’s gadget without exposing the identity. There isn’t any need to root the device. You can utilize the application to track specific locations on the map, contacts, call logs, instant messages, and much more. It can also spy on well-known online media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The best part is that this effective spying application lets you stay 100% invisible on the victim’s gadget. The icon of the application disappears once you start tracking the device at the other end. 

Top Features

  • Keylogger, screen recording, and monitoring of chats are some of the best features used to track the activity in Tinder application
  • With the help of a schedule restriction feature, you can restrict the usage of a device
  • A detailed Application Activity graph tells the complete story about the app primarily used by the victim in a specific slot

The regular users of the app often complain about its higher price. People also experience severe issues with their aftersales service. Some have also accused it of running fake Google search campaigns regarding the spy ads to deceive the audience.



It allows you to sneak around on user’s activity on famous social media applications like Tinder, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. You can monitor all the list of contacts, browser history, pictures and screen activity in the palm of your hand.

The spy application has a remarkable recording capacity that allows you to listen and view the target’s discussion with others. Additionally, it permits you to see the GPS location of the gadget. You can even record VOIP calls with the secrecy spy application and take screenshots of the live environment. 

Top Features

  • Ability to handle more than one gadgets at once through the main user dashboard
  • Monitor suspected phrases and code words in the text messages
  • Receive notification whenever a person receives a call
  • Save all the phone calls and then download them in bulk
  • Easy user interface with a frictionless installation process

However, the tool also has some disadvantages, such as it’s not compatible with most recent gadgets that have Android 8.0 Oreo. You need to ensure before tracking that the devices are new otherwise, it won’t work. The spying software doesn’t have the ability to track the calls on Dual SIM telephones. The cost of its subscription bundle is quite high.



Spyera is an ideal tool to get the full impression of what the target is doing on the dating app. This tinder tracking app for android records calls made with social apps like Viber, Skype, and Line, and checks the victim’s current location.

Furthermore, the surveillance application can show you the images, videos and notes from the cell phone or let you pay attention to the live setting.

As far as the tracking on Tinder is concerned, Spyera allows you to see all received and sent messages, check your kid’s Tinder matches, and check every single action performed on the app. With these exceptional spyware app features, you’ll be consistently mindful of children’s social links and friends.

Top Features

  • Closely monitor all the activities on the Tinder application
  • Ability to record all phone calls made via the social apps
  • Enables you to spy on the live scene
  • The application icon remains hidden to avoid any detection

It doesn’t come with a free trial. You also have to root the device to access all of the spying features.



The unique features of TiSPY give it a special status in the list of best spy apps to monitor Tinder. With it, you can block this dating application, so your kid never uses it.

All types of one-on-one messages exchanged between the user and their partner can be tracked and sent directly to your account.

In the main dashboard of TiSPY, there’s also an option to configure all the safe websites. The person who is followed can only open the approved websites. The tool will block the rest of the websites. 

Top features:

  • Ability to block the Tinder application
  • For the spying purpose, rooting of device is not necessary
  • Espionage of an individual in the live setting
  • Recording and monitoring of all the activities on the Tinder application

The UI of the TiSPY app is a bit outdated, which spoils the user experience and makes it a wrong choice for some users.



By using NEXSpy, we can effortlessly monitor all the chats on the Tinder app. The spying app can also transfer data to our online account. The tool scrutinizes the data and information on other social media apps like Whatsapp, Viber, and WeChat. You can likewise check all information about the target and secretly keep an eye on their actions on Tinder.

The spyware records visited sites, bookmarks, and all the network-based connections. The application monitors photographs, recordings, and documents, so you’ll generally know what your target is doing. Further, this application empowers you to track installed applications, app usage schedule, personal notes, and the device’s battery status.

Top Features

  • Uninstalling the Tinder application from a remote location
  • Undetectable to the target individual
  • A facile user interface
  • Ability to track all actions of the victim
  • Compatibility with all the operating systems

It’s only compatible with the latest Android and Apple smartphones. You’ll also require the help of software developer for the deployment of its functionality


The WebWatcher is regarded as one of the standout tinder spying tools because it allows you to see the alerts coming from the Tinder application. Nonetheless, it has some appealing features for the guardians considering what their children are doing on the web. For instance, the application records all visited URLs and search inquiries in Chrome, even when the child uses the incognito mode.

The software records all keystrokes, so you will see messages regardless of whether they have been erased. You can likewise visit a rundown of applications utilized by your teen and recognize time-wasting activities. The screenshot feature is also available to take screenshots of a person’s actions on Tinder.

Top Features

  • Seeing the logs from a remote location
  • Rooting of device is not necessary
  • Offers solutions for all the operating systems
  • Higher user rating and established credibility

It’s a bit tricky to use and you may have to disable the Anti-virus software on the gadget for installing it. The premium version of the tool comes at an exorbitant price.



mSpy is a famous smartphone application tracker for iOS and Android to assist with checking your kids’ phone location and activities on Tinder distantly.

Installation of mSpy is fast and straightforward on jailbreak phones. You can enjoy the experience of remote tracking and live updates at regular intervals while staying hidden. Your friends and family will not have the foggiest idea about this product since it’s undetectable, and working behind the scenes. It likewise offers all-day multi-lingual client assistance to assist with settling any issues.

Top features

  • View all the incoming, outgoing, and deleted calls from the logs
  • Track the gadget’s precise location
  • Carry out espionage of dating apps like Tinder.
  • Go through all of the browser’s history and get a sneak peek of all multimedia files exchangedGeofencing – whenever the person leaves designated premises, you’ll instantly receive a notification

One license is applicable for tracking a single target. In the case of multiple targets, you’ll have to acquire different licenses.



Another Tinder tracking application is Cocospy. It scans any dating actions and watches over your children or the targets.

Cocospy has a special status amongst all the tinder spying apps for iphone because it’s functional on all iPhones, whether they are jailbreak or not. It isn’t easy to identify as it discreetly works in the background.

With the help of keylogging programming, you can even get access to the target’s username and password.

Top Features

  • Access all the messages and calls on the victim’s smartphone free of cost
  • A complete inspection of the browser history and the sites visited
  • Blocking of inappropriate websites
  • Spying on all the activities and chat inside the Tinder app
  • Giving instant alerts on the change in the phone number or network connection of the target

Cocospy has no free trial and you may have to root the device for tracking some applications.

How to identify the best tinder spying tools

All of the best tinder spy apps mentioned above have their pros and cons. There isn’t a single application that can solve all of your problems in terms of spying. It is pertinent to judge each of them based on their features, pricing, compatibility, and then decide. Always select the tool with an effective Geo-fencing mechanism in place so that the tracking is possible remotely. Check out the user ratings to see how effective the spying tool is for keeping a close eye on a person’s activities on the Tinder platform. Being a dating app with many people joining for free, the security threat persists. That’s why the individuals who want to scrutinize subscribers’ activity on this application require an authentic spying tool.

Many teens are using the Tinder application to forge loving relationships online in the new normal. As a result, the scammers also look for opportunities to steal the users’ private data to blackmail them. This can be devastating because the publishing of confidential information can tarnish the whole image of a person in no time. Therefore, it’s pertinent for you to be vigilant and don’t let them take advantage of any security loopholes in the tool. Download these spy apps for tinder now and keep your loved ones safe by tracking their actions.

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