Top 10 Best iPhone Spy Apps – 2021

There is a growing concern regarding privacy and online interactions among smartphone users, especially parents of young children. While the number of smartphone users is on the rise, so is the rate of crimes related to smartphone-related incidents. Apple’s iPhone is one of the more secure mobile devices you can buy today; however, this is bad for parents and concerned spouses. iPhone makes it difficult for parents to keep an eye on their children. At the same time, spouses who suspect their partner of cheating often feel the need to look into their phones to verify their claims. That is where iPhone spy apps come in, and they are a lifesaver for anyone who wants to make sure their child or spouse is not interacting with the wrong people. The need for spying on someone is not limited to just parents and spouses. Companies often need to check up on their employees who they suspect are lazy or reveal key organizational secrets. So making sure you have the right tools to check up on someone is important. If you are going to do something, you should do it right. And without further ado, here are some of the best iPhone spy apps for 2021 and some legitimate reasons you may want to spy on someone, so keep reading.

Some Legitimate Reasons for Spying On Someone’s iPhone

If you are looking for spyware for spying on someone’s iPhone, you have probably wondered if what you are doing is ethical or not. As mentioned above, there are some legitimate reasons where spying on someone is ethical and even necessary. When someone you care about is possibly in danger or might be causing harm to you, it is best to be sure about the matter, and their iPhone can reveal key information about them. So without further ado, here are some reasons where you can spy on someone’s iPhone:

When parents are worried about their child’s safety:

Children are spending more and more time on their iPhones and which is concerning for parents. Since an iPhone is its own little space where children may interact with anyone they want online, it is a cause of concern for parents. Since children are impressionable and easily persuaded, malicious entities try to take advantage of that. They may appear as friends to your children, and when they gain the child’s trust, they can try to harm them. So as a parent, it is important to make sure that your child is not talking to the wrong people. While in the best-case scenario, you would want to have a relationship with your child where your child tells you about everything, including any suspicious online interactions. However, that is often not the case, and parents look for the spy app for iPhone that is undetectable to keep an eye on their child’s activities without affecting their relationship with the child. The thing is, the child may consider it offensive if they find their parents going through their phone, so watching your child without them knowing is a great privilege to have. And iPhone spy apps allow parents this unique opportunity. Not to mention the reason you are trying to spy on your child is to make sure they are safe and not being influenced by criminals, so in such cases, spying has a legitimate reason.

Concerns about a cheating partner:

Another reason why someone may want to keep an eye on another person’s iPhone is when a spouse suspects their partner of cheating. It is a common reason for breakups between couples, and further escalation can often be prevented if the suspicious partner can confirm their doubts without confronting their partner. There is spy software for iPhones specifically designed to help partners find details such as contacts and messages on their spouse’s phones. This information is usually enough for a partner to confirm their suspicions of whether their partner is cheating on them or not. However, these apps often come packed with other features that offer access to more information. You can access data such as the multimedia files on the target’s phone and location data, making it easier for the concerned partner to know if their suspicions are true. The reason why it is legitimate to spy on your partner if you think they are cheating is simply because of the impact cheating has on a person’s mental health. The shock and the emotional pain of being cheated on can be immense, and the sooner you can find out the truth, the better you can deal with the situation. You can also walk out of the relationship and save yourself the pain and suffering of being cheated on. You are basically protecting yourself from a disloyal individual, which makes spying on a potential cheater spouse a legitimate reason to spy on someone’s iPhone.

A lazy or deceiving employee:

There is a lot on the line when you are in the corporate world. Companies are competing with one another on micro to a macro level. So the last thing you would want in such as situation is an employee leaking company secrets or not putting their 100% into the organization. While you can easily track the lack of productivity of an employee by evaluating their performance and output, it is not easy to prove what is causing the lack of performance. So a good way to ensure that an employee is not leaking your company’s vital information or slacking off and using their phone when they should be working is to track their iPhone. Since most professionals use iPhones, it is only natural that companies may want a spy tool custom-built for tracking iPhones, and they won’t be wrong in doing so. Since lack of performance and leaking company secrets can negatively impact the company, it is essential to keep the employees under check.

These are just situations where using a spy app is legitimate and even important for someone. If you think that your situation calls for going sneaky and getting information about an individual without the intention of harming them, then you may use these apps as well.

Top iPhone spy apps of 2021

Now that you know that you can spy on iPhone, and some apps exist to allow you to spy on the phone you want, you are probably wondering which apps you should be using. There is some free spyware for iPhone that you can find online, but they aren’t really useful. In fact, most of this spyware is actually harmful and can damage your device. So a good way to make sure that you are using a legit iPhone spy app is by choosing one that offers guaranteed access to the phone you are after. And with that being said, here is a list of the top 10 best iPhone spy apps of 2021 that you should know about:


XNSPY is a top choice for anyone who might be looking to spy on an iPhone. The biggest reason these apps work is that they have a specific version that works on Apple’s iPhone, making it a specialist spy app for iPhones. XNSPY is popularly known for being the most reliable iPhone spy app globally, and countless users trust it for keeping an eye on their target iPhones. You can use this app by installing it on your iPhone or by using it on a computer instead if you don’t want it to be discovered on your phone. This app has both a jailbroken and a non jailbroken version designed for iPhones. Some key features of this app include:

  • It downloads on the target’s iPhone undetected and sends back key information about its phone.
  • You can download it on new and older iPhones without worrying about compatibility issues.
  • You get tons of features such as background recording, data wipe, remote access, and more.


This is another feature-packed iPhone spy app that stays on the top of the list for being the best spy app of 2021. You can do everything from call monitoring to checking the social media accounts of the target’s iPhone all in one powerful package that this app offers. This app mostly works on newer versions of iOS and comes with various subscription options that offer varying levels of information from the target’s iPhone. Some salient features of this app include:

  • Most features of any spy app that you will come across.
  • You can use it to monitor more than one iPhone at a time, making it handy if your target uses multiple devices.
  • It offers different price packages, which makes it easier for you to choose the right payment option.


Another entry in the list of best iPhone spy apps 2020 and 2021 is mSpy. This app has been around for a while and has quite a name for itself in the spy business. This app goes beyond just spying on iPhones; and it allows you to spy on Mac as well. So if your target uses their Mac for communication, you can use mSpy to keep watch on their iPhone and their Mac. This spy phone app offers some distinct features for iPhone, including:

  • You get multi-language support at all hours of the day, so if you have an issue with the app or need assistance, you can always get help whenever you want.
  • Easy to use and understand design that makes the app simple to use.
  • Cost-effective packages make the app an affordable option.


Amongst the old-timers we have listed above, this app named Cocospy is a fairly new entry in the iPhone spy market, and it has been gaining popularity fast.  Due to its young age, this app might not be as feature-packed as some of the veteran apps listed above. However, it is simple, and due to this fact, it is cheap. It comes packed with the following features:

  • It comes with the family plan making it an ideal app for parents
  • It comes with a refund policy in case you aren’t getting value out of it.
  • It has a simple design that is easy to navigate.


While Spyic is known for its Android spying capabilities, it has an iPhone version too, and it is just as good as its Android counterpart (If not better). This app doesn’t require a jailbreak to run properly on an iPhone, which means you can simply subscribe to a plan and start using it. It comes with all the spying features you would expect from a spy app, so you won’t miss out on any key spying features while using it. Here are some features that are most notable about this app:

  • Packed with all the basic spying features in a lightweight design.
  • Allows you to pay for subscriptions using multiple payment methods.
  • It has a family plan making it a good option for parents.


This app is made for iPhones, and specifically speaking, it is purpose-built for targets using an older iPhone model. Believe it or not, millions of users still use older iPhone models, and most newer spy apps rarely support older iOS versions. But this app is one of a kind as it offers complete support for older iPhone models, so you can use it if your target is using an older iPhone that is not supported by other spy apps. Here are some features offered by this app:

  • It allows you to access the camera of the target’s phone directly to take photos of the surrounding.
  • You can use it for free for up to 2 days as a test.
  • It is purpose-built for supporting older iPhone models.

The Truth Spy:

Truth Spy does exactly what its name says. This app allows you to find out the truth about an individual. The main focus of this app is to be used by a spouse trying to catch a cheating partner. That is why it has location tracking, geofencing, monitoring social media accounts, and more. If you suspect your partner may be cheating on you, this app is the way to go. Some features offered by Truth Spy include:

  • Easy integration with the iOS interface of the target’s iPhone.
  • Cost-effective plans with flexible payment options


Every app in our top 10 list has some unique features to offer that set it apart from other entries, and SpyEra is no exception. This app has been in the news for being able to track sim changes. So if your target has been using multiple sim cards to communicate behind your back, this app will notify you whenever a sim card change occurs in the target’s iPhone. You can use this app to spy on any iPhone without an Apple ID and password. Some key features of this app include:

  • Multiple packages with varying levels of features and options.
  • Ability to notify you when a sim card is swapped in the target’s iPhone.

However, this app is one of the most expensive options we have listed in this article, so unless you want to know the sim card change info, this app might not be worth it.

Spymaster Pro:

All the apps we have listed above are either with tons of features or less. However, Spymaster Pro is a mid-range option that offers you a balance of features. It offers you up to 15 unique features that allow you to spy on any iPhone while excluding more signature features. However, the app is a bit expensive with only a monthly subscription option, so you may want to think twice before considering this spy app. The features it has to offer include:

  • Does the job of basic iPhone spying fairly well.
  • It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone to be able to use it.


Last but definitely not least, iSpyoo is another app in our list of top iPhone spy apps of 2021 that allows you to monitor multiple iPhones simultaneously. However, one downside of this app is that, unlike the previous entry in this list, iSpycoo requires a jailbreak to operate properly. However, since it offers low-cost packages, you can give it a try without breaking your bank. Some of the features this app is known for include:

  • Multi-device support to track more than one iPhone or target at once.
  • One of the cheapest spy apps for iPhone listed in this article is to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password.









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