A complete guide on how do you spy on someones facebook

Although the social media apps that we use, such as Facebook and Instagram, promise users to secure their private data and information. But how effective their measures are in keeping the user data safe is a bit questionable. In the digital realm, there’s unlimited data and information which is scattered.

Social media platforms like Facebook vow to secure user data and privacy, but some of the past disclosures have proved that the data is not as safe as is projected by the tech giant. The cyber security experts now vividly state that the users of Facebook are constantly at the risk of becoming victims of data hacking. You can now spy on their chats and messages.

The search engine results also state that people regularly want to spy on their loved ones or friends. Online users periodically search for queries such as how do I spy on Facebook messenger and how to spy on someones facebook messages for free.

Just like the whole platform of Facebook is not secure in terms of protecting the data from hackers, the messages on Facebook can be tracked and monitored. The unwarranted scrutiny can turn out to be shocking for social media users who don’t expect such things to happen.

The hackers have found ways of spying on Facebook messages of any individual without physical presence. By sitting at a distant location, you can carry out espionage of messages. Apart from monitoring the critical text messages, you can also steal photos, videos, and voice notes from different individuals through Facebook Messenger.

How Do You Spy on Someones Facebook in a subtle way?

If you are really thinking of committing this act of spying on Facebook and want to know all the popular strategies, then you’ve come to the right place. We have laid out a complete set of instructions for you which is really informative and tells the whole story about how hackers can evade someone’s personal privacy on social media.

Use of Spying Applications

You can now spy on people from remote distances by using some top-rated applications and software. Hackers and some of the world’s leading corporations use these tools to spy on individuals.

Thinking Of How to Spy On Facebook Messages Free Without the Phone

Use some of the best applications and track confidential information from remote locations. Without the physical presence, you can now monitor all activities of the target by using the following apps:

Spying through FlexiSPY App

Spyware applications such as FlexiSPY are specially designed to allow anyone to monitor people’s activities online or on their computers. You can use FlexiSPY to carry out the espionage of your life partner. In some cases, the organizations also use it to spy on their employee’s messages. It tracks all of the sent and received messages along with all the multimedia conversations on Whatsapp.

The application enables you to see someone’s private messages on Facebook and even the time and date the conversations took place; name and profiles of people your friend has been chatting with on Facebook. It will help you see shared videos, photos, and voice notes. Most Facebook spy tools like FlexiSPY will give you real-time updates of Facebook activities and archive records. This spying process is done without physically getting hold of the phone. This is the central aspect that makes the usage of such spying apps a viable option for hackers.

Let’s walk you through some of the notable features of the spying app FlexiSPY and see how they infiltrate the messenger app.

  1. The Facebook Messenger Tracker feature allows you to see any messages that were sent or received on Facebook. On the device, FlexiSPY is installed, which gives access to confidential data.
  2. Once installed, FlexiSPY uploads embedded messages to your secure online portal for later viewing, giving you a complete messaging view of one of the fastest messaging platforms in the world.
  3. If you ever thought of how to spy on my boyfriends facebook or spy on girlfriends Facebook messages, then FlexiSPY is the best option to keep a close eye on all incoming and outgoing Facebook messages.
  4. See the list of all contacts, dates of chat communication, and the timeframe
  5. Ability to save and download high-level confidential information
  6. Tracking of keywords in the messages
  7. A centralized portal to monitor all the activities

How Do I Spy On Facebook Messenger through Snoopza

Snoopza is a convenient tool that allows you to spy on Facebook messages effortlessly. The software permits you to secretly check chats, audio/video calls, images, and videos on social media applications. The Facebook Messenger Spy App offers you a secret way to see someone’s actions on social networks. It’s no longer a farce! You can now steal and closely look at others’ Facebook messages without any hurdles.

Snoopza provides you an easy way to jump into people’s personal lives and track their private messages.

It’s a highly beneficial application. By using it for the spying purpose, you can see:

  1. The names of the people your children, employees, and loved ones were talking to;
  2. Any chat rooms;
  3. The exact time and date when the messages were exchanged;
  4. Various videos, audio files, and photos added to the chat.
  5. All such relevant data and information acquired can be posted on the control panel of Snoopza. It actively works 24 hours a day, so you will be able to follow anyone whenever you want. This simple app will give you all the information you need about what’s happening around you.

Still, wondering how to check out Facebook Messenger? The answer is here – signup and make an account in Snoopza. Go to the applications store and download their mobile application to initiate the tracking on social media.

How to Spy On Facebook Messages Free Without the Phone via Spyfone 

For those of you who are not so tech-savvy, the usage of Facebook spy applications Apps – SpyFone is genuinely a great option. There are many different apps for the same, and you can pick out the exceptional ones that go well with your needs. However, SpyFone is one of the most used tools for spying on FB messenger around the world. This application is convenient to install, use and set up. You would possibly discover it easy to deal with while experiencing its uncomplicated interface. Moreover, it’s also fully compatible with the iOS.

What are some of its best features

  1. Seeing the Inbox messages
  2. Viewing the Call logs History
  3. Searching the Internet History
  4. Accessing the Email accounts
  5. Tracking the GPS locations
  6. Seeing all the saved images and videos
  7. Monitoring the communication on all of the messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage
  8. Spying the target’s activity on all of the social media platforms

Use of Spyier Application

Spyier is amongst the most famous hacker apps accessible for Android and iOS operating systems. It is a complete mobile hacking package meant to offer you not solely access to the person’s Facebook posts but also personal statistics from other social media applications.

All spying activities are carried out and managed from a user-friendly dashboard, which you can access from every internet browser. You don’t have to run any software program on your handset or PC to use Spyier anymore. Spyier now offers an improved user performance with better control of security options.

The icon of the Spyier app vanishes from the menu after the installation of the application. If you are one who knows the hidden code, then you can get it back. You can check the records remotely from the Spyier dashboard, and every time if you desire to delete the software, you can have it removed.

Checking on FB Conversations with Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is an exceptional spying application that allows you to check on your loved one’s conversation on smart devices. By sitting on a remote location, you simply need to log into the Pro account of Spymaster from any mobile device.

Easy-To-Use Tool Allows You to Spy on Facebook Messenger without Jailbreak

The Spymaster account allows you to access the target’s smartphone with ease. Compared to many other Spy tools, no jailbreak is required, making it a convenient choice. This software allows you to:

  • Access different conversation threads and view all the sent and received messages
  • View all minute details of the conversation, such as the name of sender or recipient, date and time of conversation
  • All the creative content shared on Facebook can also come under scrutiny.

The Spymaster works for both Android and iOS. It works differently for both operating systems. You can study the whole procedure by simply visiting their website.

Besides these popular applications, there are some other pivotal tools for spying on Facebook, which includes:

  1. GuestSpy
  2. Spyera
  3. Mobistealth
  4. Phonesheriff
  5. Truth Spy

Secretly using their Personal Computers:

Alternatively, you can use your target’s desktops while at work or elsewhere. So just go to their browsing history, find a Facebook messenger option, and view all the chat. In this way, you can see all contacts with whom the user had a conversation. Hopefully, you find positive information from this act and don’t get frustrated knowing the actual truth after spying.

Resetting The Facebook Password:

To do this, you should be signed on to your target’s Facebook account on their cell phone connected to the email or telephone number which was used to open their Facebook account.

Log them out of Facebook 

Find the option of “Reset Password,” click on it and adhere to the guidelines to reset their secret password, and remember to leave them signed on with the new private password.

Now here’s the warning, do this process immediately because as soon as they log out, they may reset their passwords if they can’t access their account because you changed their password. So you should do your act instantly.

Use of Keylogging Software:

Keyloggers are functional tools (either software or hardware) that can hold and record keystrokes on the device keyboard. Using a keylogger does not require much experience as long as you have tech expertise.

Install key lock software on their mobile or computer, and this software records its keys and sends it to your email. After that, you can easily find their passwords and continue to peep into their activities.

Hardware Keylogger

Basic Requirements:

  • The person you want to spy should have a functional desktop PC with a USB port. This device should be used to access social media and send out emails to others.
  • You must have control and access to the PC.
  • The computer must be connected to the keyboard (Wi-Fi or wired)

For this purpose, a small electrical cable is used which establishes the connection between computers. In most cases, it looks like a USB adapter.

How does this work?

Connect the device to the USB port between the keyboard and the PC (if the keyboard has a cable, connect its line to the device) – if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, connect the receiver to the device instead.

The device automatically collects text types and characters on the keyboard. This is stored internally on the device digitally (usually a .txt file).

Read data collected using data reading software (provided with the device).


However, there are limitations when you think of using the hardware keylogging, and it’s essential to know them first before performing the risky action.

1st Limitation: You will only be in a position to use these on Windows and Mac computers or PCs. Keyloggers will no longer work on smartphones.

2nd Limitation: They are not frequently discreet, and any physical gadget may get spotted and put you in trouble. Be cautious about it if the target you are going to spy on has a visible USB port.

Software Keylogger


  • Gain control of the victim’s electronic device (PC, smartphone)
  • Installation of software on the device

The key lock software is installed on a computer disk drive and works similarly to the data-stealing feature of what you expect from portable devices.

Go for the Phishing Technique 

If you think that can someone spy on my facebook messenger through phishing, then the answer is yes. Before diving deep into the details, it’s crucial to know that it’s not an ordinary person’s ball game to spy on Facebook through phishing. Being an IT novice, you are going to struggle with this method. Therefore, if you wish to spy on a loved one’s Facebook, then acquire the services of a professional who is adept in using phishing.

The phisher process works in such a way that it creates a clone of Facebook messenger and acts in place of the actual Facebook Messenger application. In this way, you can track all the activities whenever the target types a password or chats on the clone Messenger.

For starting a successful phishing campaign, specific steps are required, and you need to follow them in order:

  1. First, purchase an internet domain with a Facebook-related title (e.g., FacebookNotify) and create an email address like staff@facebooknotify.com.
  2. The landing web page of this website needs to appear precisely like the login display screen that we see on Facebook.
  3. What you can do here is sending an email from the account you created to the target with the understanding that they accept it, knowing that it’s most likely from FB.
  4. They will feel like they are accessing the real Facebook and give them an invitation to login by clicking on the web domain’s hyperlink. By doing so, you can update your personal information.
  5. They are directed to the landing web page that you have created that seems like the Facebook login screen.
  6. The victim, unaware that they are no longer certainly logging into anything, will enter their credentials. It gets saved in your database, and solely you have access rights to it.

However, using this technique is not easy because a lot of software coding is required, and you need to have extensive knowledge of tech logic.

Stealing Facebook Information through Cookies 

Web cookies are stored in a user’s browser. It’s a terminology used to explain a message that is delivered from a web server to a web browser. These cookies are used to store the user’s login information, so it doesn’t have to be entered every single time upon visiting a particular website.

With the help of cookies, we can access confidential information and even track the complete navigation sessions. If you are using the same Wi-Fi network as the victim, you can also monitor their private data.

These are some of the common ways of infiltrating your loved ones, enemies, or friends’ devices and tracking their information. But before doing this, if the target is involved in suspicious activity, talk to them first. Try to sort out the issue amicably instead of spying on them.

However, when you feel that there’s no other way, resort to spying and keep an eye on their confidential information. Whenever you think of how to spy on my boyfriends facebook messages, this detailed guide can be convenient and help you select the correct method and tools for the surveillance. Try to understand all the technicalities first; otherwise, you can bear the consequences of a failed hacking attempt.



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